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Glossary of terms

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - business applications designed for companies of all sizes and industries, which are used for planning and managing business processes. Often ERP applications are identified as accounting software, but although they have some elements of bookkeeping software, ERP applications are much more than that.

NAV - abbreviation for Navision - ERP application Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our mission and vision


ESKA was founded with the vision of improving quality of products and services offered in today’s market. Before joining forces in ESKA, each one of us gained our experience and knowledge working on different projects while solving many unique problems for the customer.

When we realized that we could make the difference by combining our forces together, we decided to head in a new direction, taking on the new challenges and acquiring additional and valuable knowledge.

Putting continuous efforts in our work and improvement of our specialization, every day we keep achieving our goal.


And what is our goal?

Our goal is to create a successful team with our customers and partners.  A team that will build a great value for you and for ESKA, making your business more efficient and better and putting you in a position of a leader who will capitalize any changes in the market first. By acquiring additional experience and knowledge we strive to accomplish our main goal; giving you an investment that will reach new dimensions of your success!

Let’s win this mission together!

ESKA is a company guided by solidarity and unity, where each employee contributes equally and with the same importance. A combination of all necessary and equally valuable skills creates an unbeatable team that never gives up.

So put a challenge ahead of us! This challenge means your better tomorrow!