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Glossary of terms

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - business applications designed for companies of all sizes and industries, which are used for planning and managing business processes. Often ERP applications are identified as accounting software, but although they have some elements of bookkeeping software, ERP applications are much more than that.

NAV - abbreviation for Navision - ERP application Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ESKA production

ESKA has developed ESKA localization solution as an upgrade to the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system to provide you with a business program that will enhance all areas of your business.

ESKA localization solution supports business areas that are defined by specific rules and laws of the Republic of Croatia, so you can focus on your work by letting us take care of your business.

The advantage of ESKA localization solution is that it is developed by Microsoft standards and therefore always we have space for further improvements and new functionality.

Each user adjusts the product (as well as Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system) to their business strategy with the aim of simplifying and optimizing process of work.

Take the opportunity to complete your Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a ESKA localization solution.

In accordance with our actions, we offer products that we have tailored:

  • VAT;
  • mBanking;
  • payroll;
  • other income;
  • travel orders;
  • reverse orders;
  • installments;
  • retail;
  • cash register;
  • production of personalized documents;
  • on-line exchange rate;
  • document tree - sales;
  • document tree - servis;
  • document tree - purchase;
  • intrastat;
  • compensations...