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Glossary of terms

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - business applications designed for companies of all sizes and industries, which are used for planning and managing business processes. Often ERP applications are identified as accounting software, but although they have some elements of bookkeeping software, ERP applications are much more than that.

NAV - abbreviation for Navision - ERP application Microsoft Dynamics NAV

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV

CfMD tested solution

ESKA Croatian localization

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ESKA localization has following functionalities:

Payroll Payroll is characterized by the ease of use and clear visibility of all historical data. Parameter settings allow you to track legislative changes without the intervention. It supports different calculations of default rates from calculating on an hourly base to calculating on a monthly base.
Main features:
•    ease of use and simple review of historical data,
•    a choice of calculation methods - by hour, by a fixed monthly amount,
•    more than one account in one month,
•    recording and monitoring of conditions of contract, annual leave, sick leave credits and withholding,
•    automatic calculation of average wage,
•    automatic creation of journals for posting payroll to general ledger,
•    automatic creation of journals for the salaries payment and payment of taxes, loans and etc.,
•    adjustment of prescribed documents for electronic exchange,
•    document printing enabled,
•    simulation of wages for the calculation of net and gross amounts and
•    unlimited number of employees

Other income Other income calculation includes all other types of income such as royalties, contracts, compensations and scholarships for students. Journals and journal accounts, all prescribed reports, recapitulation and creation of payment journals are all supported by the automatic filling. Simple modification in data setup enables easy adjustment of legal changes.
Main features:
•    parameter settings of all kinds of other income allow for easy adjustment of legal changes,
•    program is easy to use,
•    information about suppliers of other income include all information necessary for billing and payment,
•    selecting the type of calculation automatically determines all parameters needed to calculate the chosen calculation of other income,
•    calculation simulation of other income from net to gross amount, depending on the type,
•    availability of historical data,
•    automatic creation of journals for posting to general ledger accounts,
•    automatic creation of journals for the payment of income,  taxes, and so on,
•    adjustment of prescribed documents for electronic exchange and
•    report printing enabled.

Travel orders Travel orders ensure simple data entry, calculation of travel orders, and monitoring of advance payments and refunds for each travel order. Journal filling for electronic payments is not automated. Recapitulation reports and summary of travel costs for employees are now supported.
Main features:
•     setup for daily allowances, travel destination and expenses allow easy data entry,
•     automatic calculation of daily allowances when traveling through different countries is enabled,
•     automatic conversion of foreign currency at the date of posting is enabled,
•     detailed specification of daily trips and automatic calculation by country is now available,
•     copying of existing travel orders,
•     linking travel expenses of employees who are traveling together is enabled,
•     recording of travel order advance payments is enabled,
•     posting of  travel orders to the general ledger is automated,
•     formation of journals for the payment of the travel orders is also automated,
•     travel orders and travel accounts printing is available and
•     Employee recapitulation by date of departure is enabled.

Reverse orders This program allows you to track issuance and return of goods to one or more of the reverse stock.
Main features:
•     records of issuance and return of goods by customers reverse orders,
•     formula for calculating the return date automatically calculates the expected date of return,
•     Printing of shipping labels, reverse receipts and return receipts is now enabled and
•     different kinds of reports on issuing and returning goods are available.

Installments This functionality allows you to keep a track of any annuity payments made by your customer.  It also allows you to pay your obligations in annuities while recording any changes that happen with your installments.
Retail Add-on for retail extends the basic Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality for the supply chain process, sale and storage of goods and legislation regarding warehouse management.
Standard Navision functionality of billing and storing items is now extended with the process of retailing. Retail warehouses are now specially marked and have corresponding parameters for the corresponded postings. This means that documents for the retail warehouse are being automatically recognized and given corresponding posting rules.
All retail warehouse records and printed reports are in accordance with legal regulations.

Cash register Functionality of treasury transactions in different currencies with simply entering transactions, printing treasury slips and automatically generate reports.
It is possible to conduct specific analytics unlimited cash from one entry to balance the ledger accounts in order to avoid further breakdown in the balance sheet.

Production of personalized 
Functionality prints output documents with all statutory data on a simple, neat and clearly forms.
On-line exchange rate Automatically imports exchange rates from CNB (Croatian National Bank). After logging into the system, daily exchange rate is imported. It has enabled the import of historical data.
Document tree - sales  Functionality that tracks the flow of sales documents of the bid to the final invoice or approval. Allows you to view and print all documents within an object and filter by a particular column or document.
Document tree - service  Functionality that follows the course of the service documents from proposals to end the invoice or approval. Allows you to view and print all documents within an object and filter by a particular column or document.
Dorument tree - purchase  Functionality that tracks the flow of purchasing documents asked supplier to the final invoice or approval. Allows you to view and print all documents within an object and filter by a particular column or document subject and filter by a particular column or document.