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Glossary of terms

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - business applications designed for companies of all sizes and industries, which are used for planning and managing business processes. Often ERP applications are identified as accounting software, but although they have some elements of bookkeeping software, ERP applications are much more than that.

NAV - abbreviation for Navision - ERP application Microsoft Dynamics NAV



Reactive maintenance - Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP (Navision)

Reactive maintenance includes any unplanned maintenance activities that are a result of improper operation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The improper operation includes delays and breakdowns of the system that prevents you from working flawlessly.
Our consultants are available daily to ease your work with the system, and help you solve any unexpected problems. In doing so we try to diagnose and eliminate problems in the shortest period of time.


Preventive maintenance - Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP (Navision)

Preventive maintenance involves periodic monitoring of the system, determining the condition, upgrading the solution, and fixing any possible irregularities. This kind of maintenance is arranged in accordance with the user's wishes, and enables your system to function flawlessly in the future. Here we provide you with business and technical advices that suits your needs the best.