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Glossary of terms

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - business applications designed for companies of all sizes and industries, which are used for planning and managing business processes. Often ERP applications are identified as accounting software, but although they have some elements of bookkeeping software, ERP applications are much more than that.

NAV - abbreviation for Navision - ERP application Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Pre-implementation activities

To make sure that the implementation of theMicrosoft Dynamics NAV ERP business system will be successfully carried out it is important to go through the necessary pre-implementation steps effectively. As each customer faces different challenges that they need to overcome in their business, we aim to approach each project differently and adjust to the existing situation. It is therefore important to go through the preparation activities to determine the main guidelines and objectives for the upcoming project. Preparation work is done by using Sure Step project methodology which enables us to serve you better and reduce your Microsoft Dynamics total cost of ownership. The main activities of the preparation process are: status report, project planning, tender documentation finalization, optimization, and project preparation.


Requirements and process review

This is the first step in the preparation of the implementation. It is necessary to collect all adequate information regarding your processes, requirements and current systems in order to define your actual needs. Here we go through all your business processes and analyze each one of them to see where the flow of your information is being disrupted preventing you to do your work effectively.  The objective of this screening is to set your ‘’diagnosis’’ so we can offer a suitable solution for you. Based on the data we gathered we are able to give you a preliminary proposal of solutions offered in the framework of the project.


Choosing the right solution

The solution that the client will select as his information system (application or multiple applications) must support his business processes, that is, it must match the client's needs. In other words, the solution should be chosen very carefully and professionally. The selection decision is not only the selection of applications that will be used, but also includes meeting customer’s expectations. That means that the solution will not only fulfill all wishes of users, but will also meet their real needs, all under adequate financial compensation and sufficient use of resources. The solution should be implemented in the time frame defined and agreed between the client and ESKA.


Project planning

After conducting a requirements and process review (analysis of your systems and business processes), the next step is project planning, where we need to define resources, time frame and the budget needed for the project. In this step, we also choose the optimal solution for your needs, and select the most appropriate type of methodology for the project, depending on your needs and options.

Tender documentation preparation

If your company plans to announce invitation to tender for the new system, you need an appropriate tender documentation. We can prepare the tender documentation for you, which will thoroughly describe all business processes that should be supported by your new system, along with other criteria that should be met. This documentation is created after the completion of requirements and process review activity. After analysis of your system and all business processes we will be able to define main criterion for the new system and all the critical areas that must be supported by it so you can choose the right solution.

Optimization of IT processes

Our goal is to help you create a dynamic, safe and productive working environment. Here we offer services of optimizing IT infrastructure and analyzing and evaluating cost efficiency of the process. A thorough analysis of your investment will save your resources needed for designing your optimal IT systems while creating your high productivity environment.

Project preparation

In the final pre-implementation phase of the project, the project itself is initiated. Preparation of the project includes all activities necessary for the formation of a project team and the working environment. Here we also finalize the project plan and familiarize our project team members with the project goals and objectives.