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Glossary of terms

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - business applications designed for companies of all sizes and industries, which are used for planning and managing business processes. Often ERP applications are identified as accounting software, but although they have some elements of bookkeeping software, ERP applications are much more than that.

NAV - abbreviation for Navision - ERP application Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sales of Microsoft licenses


Unlike hardware, such as a computer or server unit which you can purchase and instantly become its owner, the software is sold through license agreement. Microsoft software license gives you the right to use certain software and determine ways in which it can be used.

Licenses determine how software implementation can be done, can software be transferred to other users, and can you use older versions of the same software. With all of the license is related to one of the two types of contracts that explain important terms and conditions:
Product Use Rights (Product Use Rights, PUR) and the Terms of software use.

You can find detailed information about Microsoft licensing on our webpage.

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